Puppy Preschool at the Arundel Plaza Vet Clinic

Socialisation, Training and Owner Responsibilty

Dogs play a key role in our families and relationships. Regular exercise, keeping your dog in a fenced yard, walking your dog on a lead and council registration are all part of responsible pet ownership.

We advise all new puppies first go to Puppy Preschool from as early as 6 weeks old then onto Obedience Classes from 5 month of age onwards.

Our Puppy Preschool is held within the clinic and is a 5 week course; this is run on Tuesday evenings from 6.15pm.

The course is now run on a rolling basis and so you can start any week (Bookings Essential).

For more infomation follow this link  http://www.goldcoastpetbutler.com.au/puppy-preschool.html